Is 7zip Safe: What You Need to Know

Many of you who have been used to archiving files might already know what we’re gonna talk here. “Is 7zip safe?” That’s what the beginners have to ask.

If this post is going to tell you that it is not, then you probably decide not to use 7zip right? And if we tell you that yeah, it is safe! Then, you need proof if that’s the case.

Is 7zip Safe

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What we are going to show you here is not everyone’s opinion. All are based on our first-hand experience and observation using 7zip. So, let’s talk about this file compression tool.

Is 7zip Safe?

Just because 7zip is free, it can’t be trusted? That’s not true at all times. Many open-source platforms today are free but reliable. Sometimes they even work better than that of the paid ones.

Now, if you will ask me is 7zip safe? My answer is yes! There are many reasons to support this and one of them is its reliability. It is not easy to find a file archiving tools that can compress and decompress files without any interruption.

7zip has many features that will make your documents secured. Plus, it has an option to create a security password that will allow the users to protect their confidential documents.

There are four reasons we found that would be a basis of whether to trust 7zip or not. Here they are!

Reasons Why Use 7zip

First and foremost, 7zip has millions of users from different parts of the world. People are constantly downloading it on different platforms. Users trust it to compress their file and have it locked with a security password.

Second, 7zip is easy to download and install. No hidden charges, no subscription fees, no human verification, etc. Once you click on the download link, the file will be automatically downloaded and installed.

Unlike any other application which requires many steps and some sort of verifying your identity, or subscribing to other website, 7zip is completely straightforward.

Third, 7zip is free from ads that can interrupt you from using it. There are no redirects and kind of stuff. In short, it is also free from malware.

Fourth, 7zip is an open-source platform. Meaning, thousands of developers have access to it to ensure its quality. Every change and alteration of the codes must be under approval.

Last Words from the Author

So, are you still in doubt whether 7zip is safe or not? I recommend you to try it on your device and experience using it once. Then you can make your own judgement after that!

If you think you have a different point of view regarding this topic, please do let us know using the comment box below.