The Difference Between Credit Score and Credit Score

To really understand the difference between your credit score and the cibil score, you have to understand what those terms really mean. check out chase credit journey know your credit score for more details


The credit score in India, which is also known as the CIBEL score or credit bureau’s score, is a standardized three-digit score that tells you how well you’ve been handling credit.

Your credit report from the credit bureaus in India takes into account your previous credit reports, as well as any other information the agencies may have obtained from other sources. A credit agency then calculates a three-digit score, usually in the range of 600 to about 900, based on all of your credit data and takes into account factors like payment histories and accounts closed by you.

It’s important that the scores you get from the credit bureaus are accurate because they are used as the basis for all kinds of decisions you make. They are also used by lenders and insurance companies to determine whether or not you are worthy of the loan or policy that you’re interested in. This information can help them decide whether or not you’re a good candidate for a loan, even if your credit report doesn’t match up with what the company is looking for.

If your credit report doesn’t contain enough information for a score that is within the recommended range, then the agency will send out a request for an updated report. When the agency receives your updated report, it will check against the previous report to see if there was any new information that could change the score. This means you may have had another credit account, defaulted on a loan or gotten yourself into a lot of debt. The score the agency gives you will always be more accurate than your original score.

If, however, your original score is too high, then your next step is to dispute the information in your report to the credit bureau. You can either dispute the information yourself or you can hire a credit repair company to do it for you.


The difference between a credit report and credit bureau report is so important that you should pay close attention to everything in your report, even if it’s not affecting your life or causing you to go bankrupt. Paying attention to your scores will help you avoid future problems, and it will allow you to make informed decisions about your finances. You might also want to click on the following links for related information dgcustomerfirst.