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The U.S. technology landscape is witnessing a growth through the emergence of product and service driven companies in various sectors. From big data analysis to cloud computing, IoT to software, networking to security, Indian entrepreneurs are touching upon these areas of expertise and building path-breaking solutions. Contributing immensely towards these technologies in the U.S. is the Indian diaspora. 25 percent Indians run startups out of the 20,000 in the Silicon Valley, enthralling a growth in technological evolutions. With an aim to provide customer-centric and innovation-oriented growth, they are inventing superior solutions for complex issues. While it takes sheer dedication and hard work to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, this edition of si100 is dedicated to those enthusiastic entrepreneurs who refuse to give up and aim at exploring newer avenues. Be it in the AI or M2M-wireless space, Indian involvement in the market takes technology to a top-notch level. This year too, the annual si100 issue features companies that display characteristics of sustained growth, profitability, long-term visibility, customer and employee value-creation and business focus. This revered list consists of companies that have made a name for themselves in the areas of Cyber Security, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Hybrid Cloud or Web-Scale IT, providing a prospect for strategic business advantage for startups and introducing possibilities for significant market disruption. An esteemed panel comprising of proficient Indian CEOs & CIOs, VCs, analysts, and founders along with Invest Source Inc editorial board decided on the top 100 companies. We congratulate the 100 finalists for achieving this vote of respect from industry leaders and laud Indian community for its enterprising vigor and spirit.

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